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Vision, Mission and Values PDF Print E-mail

a. Vision:

  • Our vision is to be the leader in the practice of governance in Southern Africa.

b. Mission:

  • Our mission is to become the shining beacon in governance.
  • We will be the best explainers, the best advocates, the best educators and the most active organisation in the promotion of good governance in Southern Africa.

c. Values

  • Stand up: Challenging. Proud to take a position. Never afraid to do so.
  • Listen well: Totally aware. Understanding what’s going on in the world. Always mindful of change.
  • Move forward: Forever looking at the path ahead. Remembering where we’ve been.
  • Stay balanced: A source of ethical conscience. Never shaken. Standing firm.
  • Be totally up-to-date: In tune with the global trends in governance.
  • Inspire: Leading the way so others will follow.