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Students who have completed three Board-level examinations and on payment of their first subscription become CIS (Affiliated).

Graduates who have completed the final Board examinations and on payment of their first subscription become GradICSA.

Qualifying for Membership

  • Associate membership is not automatic and is conferred at the discretion of the Institute on the basis of academic accomplishment and work experience as well as proven personal and professional integrity.  In order to qualify Members must have successfully graduated from the CSSA International Qualifying Board Examination; and
  • At least six years' work experience is required for an Associate membership, which may be reduced to three years if educational requirements are met and/or exceeded. The designation ACIS may be used by Associate members.
  • Fellowship of the Institute denotes greater work experience and levels of responsibility. Admission as a Fellow requires a minimum of eight years’ work experience, which may be reduced to five years if educational requirements are met and/or exceeded. At least three years must have been served in a position of appropriate senior responsibility. The designation FCIS may be used by Fellow members.

All Members are required to be of good character and agree to abide by the Institute Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct.

Application for Membership

To apply for membership of the Institute the appropriate form must be completed:

Supporting documentation will be required to be submitted together with the appropriate form, including:

  • CSSA International Qualifying Board Examination Certificate/credit letter/academic record
  • Other degrees/diplomas in support of educational background

Applicants for Fellowship will be further required to submit together with the appropriate form and supporting documentation:

  • Organogram  of the organisation by which employed clearly indicating position in the organisational structure
  • Financial statements of current company only

Application forms and appendices may be posted, faxed or emailed to:

Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa
Postal: PO Box 3146, Houghton, 2041
Tel: (011) 551 4006 / Fax: (011) 551 4027 (Membership department)
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Member will be notified of a successful admission in writing and payment of the membership fee will be required to be confirmed.  Membership certificates may be collected in person, or posted by registered mail on request.

Receipt should be telephonically confirmed by the applicant on (011) 551 4000.